About That’s A Nice Car – TANC

That’s A Nice Car is the leading website specifically designed for the premium and ultra-premium car market, including luxury cars, sports sedans, sports cars, and supercars.

Most of the cars you find here will have had a limited production, a six- or seven-figure original price, they will be relatively new, have low-mileage, they will be in excellent condition inside and out, exquisitely maintained, and they will be owned by people who genuinely appreciate this class of automobile – people like you.

The buying and selling process is specifically designed for people who own premium and ultra-premium cars.  Our exclusive Value Range Price and Listing Period is a completely transparent way to find a fair price.  Best of all, it eliminates endless negotiating around a fixed price, and it eliminates the frustrations (and frequent failure) of auctions.

One of the best features of That’s A Nice Car is the User Comments section on every Car Page.  Our users are highly knowledgeable about the cars on our site, so you get unique insights you won’t get from a dealership, or anywhere else.

We hope you’ll use That’s A Nice Car any time you’re in the market to buy or sell a premium or ultra-premium car.  We also hope you’ll bookmark That’s A Nice Car and visit often, to enjoy seeing some of the world’s most special cars, and to interact with other people who share your appreciation of this class of automobile.