Pre-2011 | Porsche | 911 GT3 RS Coupe

6900 miles | $205,250 – $219,450


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This high-performance racing Porsche is one of only 400 911 GT3 RS Coupes sent to the United States in 2008, and the only one in its custom color scheme. The one-of-a-kind vehicle is a blast to drive, and has been kept in immaculate condition. Celebrity-owned, garage-stored, and always serviced at Beverly Hills Porsche. It also includes the Sport Chrono Package, making this already hardcore toy even more fun to drive.


  • Paint Color: Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Wheel Finish: Gloss
  • More than 1 set of wheels?: No
  • More than 1 set of tires?: No
  • Front Tire/Wheel Size: 235/35/19
  • Rear Tire/Wheel Size: 305/30/19
  • Exterior Description/Details:

    With its sleek lines, racing stripe, and large brushed metal wing, this one-of-a-kind Porsche feels like it was ripped straight from the track. Finished in Arctic Grey Metallic with gloss black wheels and Special Orange accents, it’s subtle enough to fit into polite society without sacrificing its hardcore personality. These contradictions are the essence of what makes this car unique. It’s effortless smoothness maintains the iconic Porsche silhouette that has made the brand instantly-recognizable for decades. At the same time, it's clear that this high-performance vehicle is not your father's Porsche. The unapologetically bold coupe is the kind of car that transports Porsche lovers to a racing state of mind every time they start the engine, regardless of where they’re heading.


  • Seat Color: Black
  • Contrast Stitching: Yes
  • Carpet Color: Black
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Seatbelt Color: Black
  • Dashboard Color: Silver
  • Wood Elements: No
  • Carbon Fibre Elements: Yes
  • Brushed Aluminum Elements: Yes
  • Steering Wheel: Leather
  • Interior Description/Details:

    For a car with such a playful facade, the interior is pure sophistication. It has an all-black color scheme, but creates textural variety by utilizing leather, suede, carbon fibre, and contrast stitching. The design is a gradual crescendo, with intricate details that build on one another into an interior that seems richer each time you look at it. Alcantara sports seats and a single-pod gauge cluster create a performance-centric experience by keeping distractions to a minimum. But the brushed aluminum center console with a video screen serve as reminders that performance doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Combining the best elements of racing and luxury, this Porsche is the rare car that lets you have it all.

Drivetrain & Details

  • Hybrid: No
  • Horsepower: 415
  • 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 62 MPH/100KPH): 4.0 seconds
  • Top Speed: 200MPH
  • Torque: 299
  • Transmission Type: Manual
  • Forward Speeds: 6
  • Drive Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Engine Description/Details: The 3.6-litre, horizontally-opposed six cylinder engine produces a whopping 415 horsepower, and every element of this Porsche’s performance was clearly designed for racing. The powerful sports car makes 299 lb-ft torque, with a six-speed manual transmission that places you in full control of this rocket ship on wheels, with its top speed transcending 200MPH. The intensity you’ll feel when this car goes from 0 to 60 in four seconds should make it no surprise that this model is a seven-time championship class winner in the American Le Mans Series. Also featuring ceramic disc brakes and a Sport Chrono package that gives the car a race-start function, this Porsche is not for the faint of heart. But a racing lover seeking the top performance money can buy should look no further.

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Exterior Flaws
None. This car has been stored in a private, climate-controlled garage and its custom paint job remains pristine.

Interior Flaws
None. The suede and leather interior is scratch-less and ready to be enjoyed.

Quirks and Secrets
This racing-oriented car is quite powerful, and can be intimidating to new drivers. But those with a need for speed should find it's exactly what they're seeking.


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