2012 | Rolls-Royce | Phantom Drophead Coupe

25,500 miles | $156,750 – $173,250


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This striking Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe is the epitome of luxury. It feels like a castle on wheels, albeit one with a convertible top that prevents you from ever feeling constrained. It strikes a delicate balance between luxury and elegance, maintaining the distinguished elements we have come to expect from a Rolls Royce, while building a livable car that is fun to drive every day. This is what happens when a blue-blood car brand makes a vehicle that indisputably belongs in the 21st century. Still, the modern touches do not lessen the feeling that purchasing a Rolls Royce means you “made it.” The car is in immaculate condition, having been serviced at an authorized Rolls Royce dealer. It has been a pleasure to own, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Paint Color: Silver
  • Wheel Finish: Gloss
  • More than 1 set of wheels?: No
  • More than 1 set of tires?: No
  • Front Tire/Wheel Size: 255/50/21
  • Rear Tire/Wheel Size: 285/45/21
  • Exterior Description/Details:

    The silhouette of this car is instantly recognizable from hundreds of feet away. No matter where you drive it, everyone will know you are pulling up in a Rolls Royce. The design was inspired by racing yachts of the 1930s, which is most apparent when the roof is down and the woodgrain decking is visible. The tasteful silver paint is striking yet restrained, accentuating the brand’s iconic features while allowing them to speak for themselves. Coach doors and the iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament serve as a links to the brand’s storied past. At the same time, this is not your grandfather’s Rolls Royce. The design is less boxy than a traditional Phantom, with a droptop that gives it a touch of sportiness. It still maintains the regal aura of success that car lovers expect from a Rolls Royce, yet it is bolder and less apologetic than past models.


  • Seat Color: White
  • Contrast Stitching: No
  • Carpet Color: White
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Seatbelt Color: Black
  • Dashboard Color: Black
  • Headliner Color: Black
  • Wood Elements: Yes
  • Carbon Fibre Elements: No
  • Brushed Aluminum Elements: Yes
  • Steering Wheel: Leather
  • Interior Description/Details:

    The interior continues with the nautical theme, and it is certainly a sight to behold. Off-white leather seats and luscious lamb’s wool carpeting are surrounded by a meticulously-crafted wood deck, giving the car a wonderfully summery feel. The opulent dashboard contains circular brushed aluminum vents, and the lack of digital screens feels appropriate for such a distinguished vehicle. Frankly, this car might be more comfortable than many rooms in most houses. It is hard to imagine a more relaxing environment for a Sunday drive than sitting in this elegant cabin with the roof down.

Drivetrain & Details

  • Engine Location: Front
  • Aspiration: Natural
  • Hybrid: No
  • Horsepower: 453
  • 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 62 MPH/100KPH): 5.7 seconds
  • Top Speed: 155MPH
  • Torque: 531
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Forward Speeds: 6
  • Drive Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Paddle Shifters: No
  • Engine Description/Details: You can feel the heft of this car every time you turn the steering wheel, with the aircraft carrier-like handling serving as a reminder of the car’s majesty. What might be seen as a flaw in lesser vehicles is undeniably part of the charm of a Rolls Royce. When you are driving a car like this, the world can wait for you. And while you will certainly not be racing your Phantom, this Grand Tourer contains a surprisingly powerful engine. The 6.7 liter, 12-cylinder, direct-injection engine produces 453 horsepower and 531 lbs-ft of torque. The impeccable craftsmanship, adaptive air suspension, and six-speed automatic transmission make for a drive that is as smooth as you expect.

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