2017 | Bentley | Continental GT Convertible

5,000 miles | $179,999 – $204,499


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This special edition Continental GT Convertible is one of two in existence, specially commissioned and made at Bentley’s Mulliner factory. The Orange Flame-on-Ghost White color scheme assures that nobody driving it will ever blend into the crowd. It is equipped with every available option, as even the sunglasses holder is made of carbon fiber. I have applied a Ghost White wrap to the hood that exactly matches the paint on the sides of the car, giving you the choice of a more understated look or removing it to reveal the original orange. Very low 5,000 miles. Factory warranty until October 2021. Officially Ghost White with Orange Flame accents, this is a bespoke color split assembled on request by Bentley at the Mulliner factory. Linen interior with orange accents and dark orange carbon fiber trim. Reverse stitching on linen head rest states Mulliner. This car was purchased with every available option: MSRP of $365,106 (see original window sticker in photos). A car lover who has owned everything and craves something truly new should look no further.


  • Paint Color: Ghost White
  • Wheel Finish: Gloss
  • More than 1 set of wheels?: No
  • More than 1 set of tires?: No
  • Front Tire/Wheel Size: 275/40/20
  • Rear Tire/Wheel Size: 275/35/21
  • Exterior Description/Details:

    The silhouette keeps with the tradition of the Bentley brand, a big and hefty convertible that brings to mind the luxury cars of yesteryear. But the restraint ends there. The bold Orange Flame hood demands to be seen, and the matching trim rounds out the look. All-black, gloss-finished premium wheels form a striking contrast with the white paint. Orange rearview mirrors tie the entire car together, particularly when the roof is down and the orange headrests are visible. The hood wrap essentially allows you to buy two cars for the price of one. Leave it on, and you have an understated, refined luxury vehicle that is perfect for driving around polite society. Remove it, and the orange hood will turn heads at even the flashiest car show.


  • Seat Color: White & Orange Flame
  • Carpet Color: Black
  • Passenger Capacity: 4
  • Seatbelt Color: White
  • Dashboard Color: Black
  • Headliner Color: Black
  • Wood Elements: Yes
  • Carbon Fibre Elements: Yes
  • Brushed Aluminum Elements: Yes
  • Steering Wheel: Leather
  • Interior Description/Details:

    This car truly shines on the inside, meeting Bentley’s high standards for luxury while making bold choices that surprise at every turn. The Cobra-style leather seats are white with Orange Flame accents, and are further enhanced by diamond stitching on the sides. This is one of only two Bentley cars in the world to have “Mulliner” embroidered on the headrests. The interior never misses an opportunity for embellishment, utilizing elements of wood, brushed metal, and carbon fibre that all work together in harmony. The center console is made of orange carbon fibre and is equipped with round aluminum vents, a touch screen infotainment system, and Bentley’s iconic Breitling clock. It would be impossible to fit more carbon fibre into the highly-optioned car, making for an interior that is truly the stuff of fantasies. The cabin seats four passengers comfortably, and the tastefully playful design never gets old.

Drivetrain & Details

  • Engine Location: Front
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Hybrid: No
  • Horsepower: 520
  • 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 62 MPH/100KPH): 4.3 seconds
  • Top Speed: 191MPH
  • Torque: 502
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Forward Speeds: 8
  • Drive Wheels: All Wheel Drive
  • Paddle Shifters: No
  • Engine Description/Details: Sporting a six-liter, 12-cylinder flex fuel engine, this model is easily the best-performing entry of the 2017 Bentley Continental lineup. Rather than the expected V-12, Bentley uses a unique W-12 configuration, packing more power into a smaller space and allowing this convertible to utilize all-wheel drive. The twin-turbo generates 582 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, and the automatic 8-speed transmission controls it with ease. Take the car for a spin and you will be reminded that elegance does not equate to weakness.

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