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2018 | Ferrari | 488 Spider

3,200 miles | $274,900 – $296,900


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This car is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Immaculate, showroom condition. Covered under full warranty. I have loved owning and driving this car, and I have never had any problems with this car. Always garage kept. Never driven in rain or in snow. Non-smoker and no unusual smells. This car is an absolute blast to drive. This 488 includes Ferrari's "Lift" system, which raises the vehicle by approximately 1.6 inches, to allow access to garages, ramps, driveways, etc., without damaging the car. A complete list of installed options is available upon request.


  • Paint Color: Grigio Silverstone (Charcoal)
  • Wheel Finish: Matte
  • More than 1 set of wheels?: No
  • More than 1 set of tires?: No
  • Front Tire/Wheel Size: P245/35ZR20
  • Rear Tire/Wheel Size: P305/30ZR20
  • Exterior Description/Details:

    One of Ferrari's most visually appealing cars, including the aero pillar in front, a rear diffuser fitted with variable flaps, and a beautiful rear spoiler design that provides for both beauty and maximum downforce. Finished in Grigio Silverstone, with yellow brake calipers, carbon fiber side air splitter, outer carbon fiber B-pillar trim, front and rear parking sensors, titanium exhaust pipes, and Scuderia Ferrari shields. Touch the roof control switch and 14 seconds later the car is transformed to a convertible. It is almost too bad it doesn’t take longer, because it is a pleasure to watch each panel retract, fold, move, and adjust, until the car looks like it never had a hardtop in the first place. This 488 Spider sets the standard for top-down driving, and turns heads accordingly.  


  • Seat Color: Beige Tradizione
  • Carpet Color: Black
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Seatbelt Color: Black
  • Dashboard Color: Black
  • Wood Elements: No
  • Carbon Fibre Elements: Yes
  • Interior Description/Details:

    Ferrari has always made some of the most enticing interiors, and this car is no exception. The beautiful tan interior, carbon fiber driver zone+LEDs, Daytona style seats, Cavallino stitched headrest, and the special stitching 488 logo floor mats, all add to the visual appeal. The driver's controls, including the Manetinno on the steering wheel (Italian for "little manager"), the infotainment system, the adaptive headlights, the home-link system, and even the electric mirrors, contribute to the experience actually sitting inside the 488. Ferrari has also provided a wide variety of adjustments for the suspension, all controlled by the driver, that provide varied driving experiences - including one setting specifically for a bumpy road.

Drivetrain & Details

  • Engine Location: Mid-Engine
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Hybrid: No
  • Horsepower: 660
  • 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 62 MPH/100KPH): 3.0
  • Top Speed: 202 MPH
  • Torque: 560 lb-ft
  • Transmission Type: Auto-Manual
  • Forward Speeds: 7
  • Drive Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Paddle Shifters: Yes
  • Engine Description/Details: The 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine in this car is one of many remarkable achievements by Ferrari. While it has a smaller in displacement than the predecessor Ferrari 458's naturally aspirated engine, thanks to the turbocharger it generates more power. The truly stunning power engulfs you, and the torque pins your back to your seat in the most delightful way. Named "Supercar of the Year 2015" by Top Gear, and Motor Trend's 2017 "Best Driver's Car", this drivetrain makes 661 hp at 8,000 rpm and 561 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 rpm, and it does it with virtually no perceptible turbo-lag or really any hesitation of any kind. The engine is mated to a dual-clutch transmission that shifts cleanly and with crisp precision during both up- and down- shifts.

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Extended Warranty

Daily Driver:

Prior Owners

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Denver, CO

Exterior Flaws
None. The paint is perfect and has never had so much as a stone chip. There are no scratches, dents, dings or any other marks on the car.

Interior Flaws
None. The interior is pristine, including the original Ferrari 488 floor mats which are shown in the pictures.

Quirks and Secrets
Driving this car is a unique experience. The torque increases as the car shifts up through the gears, which creates a quintessential Ferrari driving sensation.


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