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2019 | Porsche | 911 GT3 RS Coupe

5,800 miles | $166,250 – $183,750


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2019 991.2 GT3 RS w/ Weissach Package, 5800 miles, 2 owners. Modifications to this car include Paint Protection, Full Coverage SunTek Ultra Self-Healing PFF, Full Coverage Ceramic Pro 9H (Extending to Stock Satin Black Wheels, Window Tint, ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film, Exhaust upgrade, JCR Valved Titanium Race Pipe, JCR Titanium Exhaust Tips, Safety, BBI Racing Yellow Roll Bar w/o gussets, BBI Harness Sub-Belt Bracket, Schroth 6-pt Harness Staps x1, Wheels and Suspension HRE R101 Lightweight 20"/21", Satin Poly Gold Finish & Ceramic Coat, Corner Balance & Alignment. Please contact Seller to discuss purchase of aftermarket parts.


  • Paint Color: Chalk
  • Livery, Designations, etc.: Weissach Package
  • Wheel Make: HRE
  • Wheel Finish: Gold
  • Front Tire/Wheel Size: 265/35/20
  • Rear Tire/Wheel Size: 325/30/21
  • Spoiler: Yes
  • Exterior Description/Details:

    Porsche designed the car so that all of the aerodynamic cutouts are functional and benefit the performance of the car. It features heat extractors on the sides of the front fenders, NACA ducts to bring cool air to the brakes, side air intakes for increased airflow to the rear engine, and a massive rear wing. This car is really a race car for the street, and shows off legendary Porsche engineering. The GT team at Porsche use clever bits like painted carbon fiber pieces, polycarbonate glass on the side windows, and even a printed Porsche crest on the hood to save weight. The Weissach Package reduces weight by 38 pounds by adding other carbon fiber bits and a carbon fiber roof.


  • Seat Color: Black
  • Contrast Stitching: Yes
  • Carpet Color: Black
  • Passenger Capacity: 2
  • Seatbelt Color: Black
  • Dashboard Color: Black
  • Headliner Color: Black
  • Carbon Fibre Elements: Yes
  • Interior Description/Details:

    Sport Package, Leather Seats, Navigation System, Storage Package, Adaptive Suspension, Sport Chrono Package, Trim Package, Apple CarPlay, LE Package, Light Package, Bluetooth, Backup Camera, Sound Package. Note that while the GT3 RS is similar to the 911 Carrara in many ways, this car does not have back seats, so you can't bring your kids with you. Porsche may have done this to foster marital harmony.

Drivetrain & Details

  • Engine Location: Rear
  • Aspiration: Natural
  • Horsepower: 520
  • 0 – 60 MPH (0 – 62 MPH/100KPH): 2.9
  • Top Speed: 194
  • Torque: 346 lb-ft
  • Transmission Type: Auto-Manual
  • Forward Speeds: 7
  • Drive Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Paddle Shifters: Yes
  • Engine Description/Details: This car is difficult to overstate in terms of performance. The 4.0 liter DOHC 24-valve flat-6 with direct fuel injection engine delivers 520 hp and 346 lb-ft all to a redline of 9,000 rpm. The titanium muffler and exhaust system deliver 102 decibels at 9,000 rpm, but can be tamed and deliver 75 decibels at 70mph while cruising on the highway. The GT3 RS delivers 20 more horsepower than the regular 991.2 GT3. It features plasma coated cylinder liners, a reworked intake and exhaust system, and a brand new valve train that is strengthened as compared to the 991.1 GT3, to manage the 9,000 rpm redline. 7-speed Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) translates to "Porsche double-clutch transmission." With two clutches the PDK is designed to change gears as quickly as possible with shifts happening in about 10 milliseconds. This doesn't mean that it's a harsh transmission, however; many automotive journalists praise the PDK for having the feeling that the driver never feels the shift. The PDK is truly magic for the driver, because it doesn't take away from the driving experience, but still allows the driver to get the most performance out of the car.

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